Living in NYC for the summer and figuring out things from there. This is mostly for when I can't sleep or need a place to post all the things I find interesting. Sort of like my own digital notepad. where I can also share what I find interesting with a few of my close friends. enjoy.
  • little gems of souncloud

  • something about his voice

  • "So much of life cannot be articulated, only felt. Even though we have words, it’s astounding we can even communicate. We’re ruled by feelings. And we can be anxious or thrilled but sometimes we’re just in the sweet spot, when everything feels all right. The songs sound better on the radio. You decipher lyrics you’ve been mystified by for decades. You gain new insight into your favorites. It’s like nature is offering its rewards up only to you. In the cocoon of your mind. And you’re stunned that you’ve never felt this way before, and won’t always be able to feel this way in the future." -lefsetz

  • Santa Barbara sunsets

  • "Trying to hold onto anything is like trying to nail jello to a wall: Nothing sticks, nothing stays. When change arises, we are either able to adapt to it or we decay with it."
  • I’ll sing to you my mewing charm

  • this picture captures my summer 

  • Fresh meat for your phô #feltsostrangetakingthis #soulstare